Why Do I Do This To Myself?

This morning, I made another blog. Fortunately, it’s only for a school project. Once I’m done, I won’t need to update or post frequently. Unless I’m really, really bored…which never happens these days.

I did this once already.

Now I’m doing it again.

A few days ago, I thought:

“Oh, creating and designing another blog is easy. This won’t take any time at all. My teacher will surely be impressed with how professional the site looks. It’s bound to be a win-win scenario.”

Of course, those weren’t my exact thoughts. I don’t sound like that when I think.

What I’m thinking now:

“I need a miracle to finish on time. Or twenty.”

I must have lost my mind when I thought making another blog would take no time at all. Okay fine, I figured it would be a few hours of work at most. It’s going to take me several days, literally.

At least, I’ll have fun and enjoy the experience. I can’t say the same for many other projects.

Who knows, I may even learn a thing or two about blogging or WordPress.

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