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Biggest Pet Peeve In The World

Of all the pet peeves and annoying things people do in this world, this is the top one on my list:

Anyone looking over my shoulder when I am working on anything.

It bothers me so much.

You can do whatever you want, say whatever you feel, but please don’t stand behind me and look over my shoulder while I’m writing.

4 thoughts on “Biggest Pet Peeve In The World

  1. Oh honey, I empathize so much with this. In the high school library and beyond!

    It actually exhausts me to have people over my shoulder for too long.At work, my office is in a lab and these two guys were working in there ALL DAY yesterday. Normally, they flit in and out but the space is mostly mine – but nope, they were working at an instrument riiiiight by my desk for eight hours. By the time I got home, I crawled under a blanket and told my boyfriend “I need to be alone now. I haven’t been alone enough today.”

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