The Consuming Fire—A Free Verse Poem

You are powerless without any defences

Restrained by chains and locks

You have no other options

As you go down a one-way road


You can fight all you want

But you will never win the battle

This is a war against the world

With red smears and clear tears


You try to move from where you stand

Place one foot in front of the other

You have yet to make any progress

So you find yourself back where you started


You feel lost and trapped

In a forest you can’t get out of

The sun never rises

Surrounded by darkness


You have hit the bottom

Is it possible to go any lower?

No one knows, no one suffers

Every time your head hits the pillow, your heart collapses


There is a spark lit within you

Hope burns a hole in your chest

The brightness flickers like a candle

Sooner or later you’ll return to the consuming fire


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