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Things I Don’t Know Much About

Me being me, I like to think I know at least a little about everything. But I’ll admit there are some things I don’t know much about.


At one point, I knew nothing about football. If you think about it, at one point, you knew literally nothing about anything in this world. But watching parts of the Super Bowl over the years has taught me enough to get by.


I don’t know what I know less about: football or cars. Maybe I’ll marry a guy that will know a lot about both. What a stereotypical comment. My bad.


Obviously, I’d be lying if I said I watch movies more often than I read books. So my movie knowledge is severely lacking. Don’t believe me? Quote any line from any movie. I won’t get the reference.

Conclusion: I wouldn’t fair too well writing an essay on any of these without doing in-depth research prior to. And no, I’ve never concluded an essay the same way I concluded this post. Perks of being a blogger. Perks of being my own boss.

23 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Know Much About

  1. Thanks to my dad, I know quiet a bit of football stuff, and I know a little about cars, thanks to drivers ed (do I really need to know how an engine works???). But movies… I speak fluent movie quotes.


  2. I know a bit about football (only because of my dad) and a fair amount of movie references…. But I know NOTHING about cars. Absolutely nothing. I hope that later in life I’ll never be required with fixing a car related problem. I’ll just make it worse. :p


    1. Ah my dad’s more of a baseball person. Oh no that would be my worst nightmare. I’m not sure what I would do if I had to fix a flat tire all by myself. Guess we’ll both have a mechanic on speed dial. 😉


  3. Join the club: no one at my house knows much about football (except my dad, of course, but even he watches it very rarely). Which means today (Super Bowl Sunday), I feel like I’ve been dropped on an alien planet.

    It’s disgraceful how little I know about cars. I’d be pretty useless if I had keep one up all by myself.

    As for movies, I know far too much about those, but only ones that were made between 1939 and 1967. I much prefer old movies.


    1. Maybe some Super Bowl in the future, you’ll feel less like an alien.

      I would be too. In fact I’m sort of scared to drive for that reason.

      Interesting. I wish I preferred movies in general. But I don’t.


  4. I know nothing about football and cars… I would like to know about cars. I think that’s important for everyone to learn since most of us own and drive them.

    Movies… well, it depends.


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