Having A Life

People tell me all the time that university is harder than high school. That’s not news to me. It isn’t all too surprising either.

And once I’m in university, I won’t have time for anything else but studying and sleeping, so I am told.

But these people don’t know me well.

I still plan to have a life outside of my studies. I’ve been living my life for the past seventeen years and I don’t intend to stop now. Or ever.

So I’m not going to put anything on hold for school. Am I going to stop reading for fun? Not write stories or poems for several years? Never post again? Not happening.

I can promise you and myself this: I won’t let anyone prove my having-a-life-while-I’m-in-university goal wrong. You can say a lot of things about me. “You’re just an ignorant high school student who hasn’t even experienced university, and yet you’re trying to predict the future” isn’t one of them.


22 thoughts on “Having A Life

  1. Sprinkled With Words says:

    I feel exactly the same way. I’m studying for AS Levels at the moment. At the end of these courses, we tend to drop one and then take the other three (so we started with four) onto A Levels. However, there’s this thing called the Extended Project (EP) which you’re meant to spend something like 5 hours on a week. I want to do all 4 A Levels (not many people do – it’s a lot of work) AND the EP, but all my teachers and friends say I’ll drown in work and not have a life. But they’re struggling now, and I seem to be sailing through. Is it different for every person? I honestly don’t know what to do, either!
    But, I do believe that if you perceive you can do it, you can! After all, stress is a psychological phenomenon, which means that you can control it! You can do it, Herminia, I believe in you! 😀

    • aspiringwriter22 says:

      Awesome. I like that you’re challenging yourself by doing all four A levels on top of the EP. I understand what you mean when you say it’s like you’re sailing through your courses. I don’t feel like I put in nearly as much time and work as my classmates do, yet my marks are the same or even higher than theirs. Maybe it’s the just way we process information. For me, I find that I process things faster and pick new skills up quicker than the majority of my peers. Maybe you’re in the same boat I am? If I were you, I would go for it.

      Yep. As long as you go in with a positive attitude, I’m sure you’ll do great. My thoughts exactly. Thank you. I believe in you too!

  2. phantomwriter143 says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s harder, just hard in a different way than high school. There is definitely time for things outside of your studies, otherwise no one would ever get their degree. Good luck! You’re a stronger woman than I. I let my writing slide far too much in college.

  3. mpsharmaauthor says:

    Personally, I think that’s crap, no offence to those who believe uni is harder than school, but for me uni is so much more relaxing, but then again maybe that has something to do with my attitude. Hmm, now I’m paranoid -_- 😀

    • aspiringwriter22 says:

      Hahaha I too actually believe university is that much harder than high school. But I sound crazy when I tell people that. I’m so happy to hear you had a relaxing experience. Then again you have the attitude, brains, and beauty. 😀 Don’t be paranoid!

      • mpsharmaauthor says:

        People are going to be following you like love sick puppies!!! Seriously, your fans, I’m going to be having to get an apt just to talk to you! You are like the SWEETEST, most ADORABLE person out there. Seriously. I LOVE you 🙂

      • aspiringwriter22 says:

        I can definitely see everybody gushing over you. And I’m sure I’ll barely get to talk to you because everyone else is so busy interviewing you and hogging you. Don’t let that happen, okay? The feeling is so very mutual.

  4. Rachel says:

    I didn’t find that problem. In fact, I think I have more time now than I ever did. You can create your own schedule, which certainly helps. I go online now, so all I do is homework. I don’t have to waste two hours of my day sitting in a classroom.

    I guess it just depends on how much homework you end up with for each class. Some teachers give a lot, some teachers barely give any. Last semester I got pummeled with homework and this semester I barely have any.

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