A Writer’s Search History

I rather not get too in depth about mine.

Let’s just say researching different types of clouds is something I never thought I would do in this lifetime. Or the next.

You see, I would share other things I’ve researched, but I’m sure your imagination is better than mine. Imagine away.

18 thoughts on “A Writer’s Search History

  1. Surprisingly enough, I know all about clouds. I taught that to my preschool kids two years again. We did a unit on it. I knew nothing about them before that, though.


      1. I think we were doing a unit on weather. So we were talking about different kinds of clouds and what they mean.

        We went outside for recess one day and it looked like a storm was coming and all the kids freaked out yelling, “We need to go inside! Nimbus clouds are everywhere! It’s going to rain!” It was really funny, lol.


  2. Yeah… I shield people from my google search history as much as possible. They’d either think I was adopting twenty kids, or murdering a small village. Writers definitely have a lot of weird things to research.


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