Writing Poetry Versus Writing Prose

I never thought I would say this but I’m struggling to write poetry. Right now, I can’t write a decent poem to save my life.

To put it into context, I have written manuscripts. Novels. Fifty, sixty, seventy thousand words long.

Yet I can’t string together fifty words of poetry, of verse, of creative love.

I crave structure. I crave freedom. Poetry gives me too much of the latter and not enough of the former.

See, aspiringwriter22 has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? How does aspiringpoet22 sound? Disgusting, right?

13 thoughts on “Writing Poetry Versus Writing Prose

  1. Haha, not disgusting, no.

    I think that if you want to branch from prose to poetry, you can start with structured forms likes sonnets, villanelles, heck, even haikus.

    I hope to hear more about your venture into poetry! It’s something I haven’t done in a while but finding your groove is such an amazing feeling.


  2. I’m a terrible poet, I will admit. My stuff always seems to written, rather than thought, if you understand my meaning. To told rather than shown, or just far too abstract for anyone other than me to understand!


  3. I guess you have not tried it yet. Once you try then no one can stop your mind, hand and pen. This is my conclusion after reading this piece.


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