Trapped In

I wouldn’t want to be trapped in many places. But I wouldn’t mind being trapped in a library. Overnight. Or even over several nights as long as someone is kind enough to deliver food to me.

Of course I’d prefer to be trapped alone, by myself. Unless I was trapped with other avid readers. That’d be an interesting experience as well.

It goes without saying I would not sleep at all if this ever happened to me. I would be up all night reading. Who in their right mind falls asleep in a library? For goodness’ sake, the world is full of hotels and motels with perfectly good bedrooms.

Haven’t you heard the saying: always read, never sleep?

21 thoughts on “Trapped In

  1. Herminia,
    please don’t think me a smart ass but i can totally identify with this as it actually
    happened to me once many years ago, to three of us in fact…locked in by mistake.

    Big Hugs



  2. Over thinking things here, but… I think I would be too scared. My library is old and dark. I’m sure if I was trapped in there I wouldn’t be able to see a thing and the building would probably be making strange noises all night.


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