What Writers Do Best

There are many things writers can do that others can’t do. It’s probably more correct to say writers outdo non-writers in…

Refusing to speak to people for days on end.

Sorry mom, dad. And my dearest apologies to anyone who once worried whether I dropped off the face of this earth. Now you know.

Imagining scenarios that will never, ever happen in real life.

Every day, night, hour, minute, second. Everything my mind conjures up is literally impossible.

Observing human beings from the way they talk to the way they breathe. 

I’ve been wrongfully called a “stalker” and a “creep”. Non-writers are so silly sometimes.

12 thoughts on “What Writers Do Best

  1. There have been times when I’m in the middle of writing or editing and I just ignore texts for a few hours. When I finally get to them, I see my friend asked me to go out with them about two hours ago… oops.

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      1. It’s actually kind of sad, that happens to me more while I’m reading than when I am writing. I feel the need to shut out the rest of the world and focus on the book or novel in front of me!


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