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Things I Can’t Do

Start a book and not finish it.

With a few rare exceptions, I’ve finished every book I ever started. This only applies to reading. In case you’re wondering if I’m talking about the novels I (attempt to) write, I’m not. There are several unfinished manuscripts tucked away somewhere, all in different stages of completion. Or should I say incompletion?

Only have one copy of every document on my computer.

Because I make multiple copies of everything for fun.

Sleep in until the afternoon.

Half a day wasted sleeping? Uh-huh. Take a guess as to how I spend my (early) mornings.

27 thoughts on “Things I Can’t Do

  1. There is only one book I didn’t finish reading. It drove me nuts, but I just couldn’t get through it… I just didn’t enjoy the book.

    Also, I wake up at 4:30 every morning and 7 on the weekends. I don’t mind sleeping in until maybe about… 8:30 (at the latest), but my body just wakes me up. So I decide to get stuff done instead of waste time lying in bed doing nothing.


    1. Mmm what book was it? Yep my body wakes me up too. I don’t even rely on an alarm clock. Exactly. That’s being productive. I don’t understand people who lie in bed for an hour or two. You could be doing so many other things.


      1. I thought it sounded really good, so I got it from the library and I read the first three chapters and quit. I was highly disappointed, lol.


  2. I am very jealous of your early-bird ways. Since graduating college and getting on a normal schedule, I rarely sleep in past 9:30 now. But I was always a night owl when my schedule would allow it, so that’s why I’d sleep in til noon – I was staying up til 3 AM!


    1. Don’t be. Because I’m an early morning person, I rarely stay up late. My body slowly shuts down the later it gets. But the morning works for me. Natural light and silence are my best friends. 😛


  3. I can definitely leave a book without finishing it. If it doesn’t hold my attention or is poorly written, I’ll put it down without regret. I cannot, however, sleep in. My body gets me up no later than seven, no matter if it’s the weekend or vacation. But I’m good with it. I feel like I’ve wasted the day if I sleep in.


    1. Mmm I wish I could. Sometimes I don’t have a choice to abandon a book that I dislike. -_- My body does the same. It doesn’t matter how early or how late I go to bed, I still wake up in the morning. Yeah, I do too.


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