Creative Writing


How are you doing?

Are you better than before?

Do you still remember?

Or are you searching for more?

Have you fought your demons?

Does your past haunt your nights?

Will you ever be?

Or are you afraid of new heights?

Is it possible to forget?

Can you tell me you’re okay?

Would you be the same?

Or is it too hard for you to stay?

11 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Herminia
    each question isn’t just intelligent, it demands thought before response because there are no simple answers even if we’d like to think there are.

    i like his very much – Thank You

    Big Hugs



  2. I agree with John. Great questions. They get beyond the Hi, How are you? mentality that probes for nothing more than “Great!” So…I’m tempted to ask How are you doing? Are you better than before? …. As I said, great questions. That beg for thoughtful answers.


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