How Being A Writer Will Change Your Life

  1. You learn how to survive rejection sooner or later. At the very least, you know how to cope with it.
  2. You are insanely observant. You likely know too much about someone even before you meet them. It comes in handy many times. Let me tell you.
  3. You can communicate well, write impeccably, and speak effectively. People love that. You’ll get much further in life with these skills you have developed as a writer that other non-writers don’t have.
  4. You correct people confidently. Or quietly. Do as you please.
  5. You read. Enough said.

7 thoughts on “How Being A Writer Will Change Your Life

  1. Good points, Herminia. i’m a bit slow when it comes to #4, i’ve seen too many take offence
    but i will offer a correction if i know something is a downright lie.

    Big Hugs



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