April 2015: What I Love

The regular feature is back. Are you excited or are you excited? You can’t choose to feel any other emotion except excited.

You can read all about what I loved in March here. Surely, you won’t be surprised at all.

Well, this isn’t a shocker either. I want to confess my love for Writing 101 this April. (I promise next month I’ll move past my obsession with the WordPress 101 courses.)

I love it so much. Writing 101 has helped me more than every English and creative writing class combined. There are things you just don’t learn in a classroom or from a textbook.

Who needs school when one has Blogging 101 and Writing 101, right?


16 thoughts on “April 2015: What I Love

  1. Between writing on my own and blogging, I’ve definitely learned a lot more compared to my writing courses. Considering how much money, time, and effort I put into those classes it’s kind of sad.

    I really should try this Blogging 101 and Writing 101 someday soon, though. I keep saying I will.


    1. Ah sometimes I wonder why I even bother with writing courses. A lot of the time I’m not writing, but rather I’m listening to a teacher talk.

      I hope you get a chance to. Even if you don’t keep up with it every day, the emails have good advice and fun prompts to try out.


      1. That’s true. Plus, I didn’t get to take a lot of the courses I wanted. I graduated in two weeks… I’m not staying an extra semester to take extra classes, lol.

        Yeah, I’ll definitely have to check it out. Maybe I’ll participate in the summer if I have more time.


      2. Ugh I hate when that happens. I hope I can take the courses I want in university. Conflicts in my schedule are going to be the death of me.

        Yeah, please do. You won’t regret it.


      3. It also depends on what’s offered, too. I took Creative Writing: Fiction I, but I couldn’t take Fiction II because it wasn’t offered for this semester. I took Creative Writing: Nonfiction I instead. It was nice to get variety, but since I’m graduating I won’t be able to take Fiction II or Nonfiction II now. It feels incomplete.


      4. I chose my first college because it was close and cheap, but mainly because it had a dual enrollment program (I started college my senior year of high school). I was already working in a preschool and it had a great early education program. So I got my Associate’s degree there.

        I chose my next college by looking at colleges with English or creative writing programs. The college I’m at right now had an online English program, which was a winner for me so I could keep working full time. Also, it happened to be the cheapest out of all my choices.

        There’s a lot of factors that go into picking a college that’s right for you. I like sitting down and making a list of pros and cons of each choice and then go from there.


      5. I’ll probably stay close to avoid too much debt. Oh, I wish I could do that. I’m sick of high school and I can’t wait to get out.

        Mm I also applied to schools with good writing programs. That’s a win-win for you right there.

        Agreed. I started a list a few months back. Where it is now I have no idea. 😛 Thank you for sharing your experience. I could use all the advice I can get.


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