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On A Good Day Versus A Bad Day

On a good day: deciding between reading and studying.

On a bad day: deciding what to read next.

Today was both a good and bad day. I did a lot of reading but very little studying. Also, I had to choose which book I wanted to read next.

I’m going to shamelessly plug my Goodreads on here every so often. Send me a friend request because I’d love to know what you’re reading. It’ll make my bad days worse. If you think choosing between two books is bad, try twenty. Or two hundred.

12 thoughts on “On A Good Day Versus A Bad Day

  1. Speaking of studying, good luck on that test today! 😉

    It’s always a tough decision to decide which book to read next… there’s a huge series I’m constantly in the middle of so whenever I’m in doubt I just continue reading that.


      1. The series I’m reading came out when I was 11 and is still going strong. I’m rereading the series now because I got behind in it.


      2. It was supposed to end a long time ago, but the publisher kept asking for more because it was so popular. The series they’re on now is a prequel to the first series so I wonder if that means they’ll be done after that.


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