Current Blogger Problem

I spend too much time obsessing over the aspects of my blogs that I can control. Case in point, I spent nearly an hour tinkering with my Tumblr blog today.

My flawed logic: schoolwork can wait, blogs do not.

Every part of me hopes your day was more productive than mine. If it wasn’t, tell me why. I’d love to know because I rather read everyone’s comments than read my textbook.

20 thoughts on “Current Blogger Problem

  1. That’s understandable. There are many people out there looking at your blog all the time. Homework isn’t due until the next day, so… I see your reasoning. 😉


  2. I spent time on Saturday playing with different theme options here on WordPress. I settled on the one I currently use because it looks like me and functions great.


      1. I am coming to love WordPress more and more. It feels like a more complete platform for blogging. Tumblr is good too but its lacking and I never realized it before.


  3. The only reason I was productive was because I had to work. If it hadn’t been for that, I’d have spent the whole day sleeping, recovering from a long weekend of driving and seeing a bajillion people.


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