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The pause lasted a second. “You recognize my voice?”

She shut her eyes, blocking out her thoughts. “What do you want?”

“I thought you’d want to talk to me.”

“After twelve years?”

He cleared his throat. “I can explain.”

She wanted to laugh. “Really? I didn’t think you knew how to.”


A profound silence came over the line.

“Are you—”

“I’m still here.”

“I didn’t want to leave. But I had to. It would have been too hard if I stayed.”

She couldn’t believe the next six words that came out of her mouth. “It was hell after you left.”


8 thoughts on “Hell

  1. Thanks for putting that out there. At first I wasn’t sure if this was an actual conversation but then from the comments I figured it was either part of a writing project or maybe something to jump start a story? Either way, a great idea for getting feedback and succinctly getting a stream of consciousness to possibly turn into the starting point for something awesome 🙂


    1. It wasn’t based on any real conversations I’ve had, just ones I played out in my mind. 😛 Thank you! I wasn’t entirely sure where to go with it in the beginning, but I’ve gotten some ideas thanks to the WordPress community.

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