Monthly Writing Project For June

I have no idea what I want to do this June writing wise.

Throw some ideas or suggestions at me. Anything. Anything at all.

Poems, articles, short stories, plays, novels, etc.

Let it be known to everyone how desperate I am. Any help is appreciated.

Next time I’ll plan ahead so I don’t find myself in this predicament again. You can hold me to my word. When have I ever gone back on it?

22 thoughts on “Monthly Writing Project For June

  1. I took a playwriting class last semester. Let me tell you, if you struggle with dialogue, this is the thing to do. It taught me how to tell a story without ever having to describe a thing. And every time someone different reads it, you get a different feel for the characters. I remember listening to a friend reading for a relatively minor character in my one act play. In my head, I imagined this character screaming the line loudly (but I forgot to add that in the stage directions), and she read it in a very calm, quiet tone. It completely changed the mood of the play, and I loved it.


      1. It’s a lot harder than many people think. If you want a challenge, I recommend writing a ten minute play. I thought it would be simple because it’s short, but you have to tell an entire interesting story in ten minutes. That’s a lot harder than I expected.


  2. I was given the advice this past weekend to write short stories, as they’re a great gateway to getting a novel published. So I’d advise that 🙂 You’ll need them some day!


  3. I’ve never attempted writing a play. Probably because I’m too scared? It’s definitely a daunting prospect. I wish I could help more. Maybe switch up the genre you usually like to write in and write something in a genre you’d never think to write in. Short story, screenplay, playwriting, poetry, novel. Whichever you want! See where a different genre takes you and what you can learn from immersing yourself in the unknown.


    1. It’s daunting and different. I don’t write that many plays, but sometimes I’m forced to for school. Yeah I don’t switch up the genres I write in enough for my liking. The unknown can be scary. Thanks for the advice though. 🙂

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  4. Hmm. Since I can’t get inside you’re head, I’ll get inside mine. For just a second or two. I’d start writing about why I’m in this predicament. Or whether it’s really a predicament, and why I think it is. I’d probably also ask myself why I think I have to do something like this in June. Then I’d tell you–as I am now: Whatever you write, I’ll look forward to reading it! Because you’re you.


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