I Take You More Seriously If

Regardless of whether you’re a writer or not, I take you more seriously if…

  • You use proper grammar.
  • You spell words correctly.
  • You aren’t cursing every other sentence.
  • You know how to punctuate.
  • You read over your work several times.
  • You don’t blame auto-correct.
  • You ensure words mean what you intend them to mean.
  • You write without stealing, copying, or plagiarizing from others.

10 thoughts on “I Take You More Seriously If

  1. I tend to think faster than I write. It’s horrible! I would read it over, then see my mistake hours later!
    Most of the time I’m venting so I can be lazy when I write! So horrible. Ugh. It’s like why do I bother.
    And auto correct isn’t helpful. Why do people use it.


  2. I do try, young lady. I do try.
    Personally, I have been able to blame my mess-ups on my hair color; I’m blonde, and everyone knows that blondes have more… I mean, aren’t as sharp as other tools. 😀
    — John


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