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Current Life Status

I’m tired of high school and it hasn’t been four years yet.

I’m still excited to write and I’ve been doing that for longer.

At least there are only two more exams to suffer through along with one last paper to submit before high school comes to a close.

Though I hate to say this, a fact is a fact, and the fact of the matter is I’m terribly unprepared for both exams.

Fingers crossed. Toes crossed. Heart crossed.

On the bright side, summer isn’t that far away. More time for blogging, reading, and writing is always a good thing.

24 thoughts on “Current Life Status

      1. Yeah, I am sometimes really distracted, too! Sometimes I find it’s just best to sit down with a cup of orange squash and put my laptop away (otherwise I get way to distracted! XD). I hope you manage to find your point of concentration! 🙂


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