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A Writer Studying For A Kinesiology Exam

She opens the textbook.

She sees a word.

She looks up the origin of said word.

She closes the textbook.

She repeats this process several times.

22 thoughts on “A Writer Studying For A Kinesiology Exam

  1. I hope you’re not struggling too hard. My undergraduate degree is in Movement Science, Kinesiology, and Cardiac Stress Testing. I love, love, love it!!! Let me know if you need any tidbits of help!


      1. I guess it depends on the type of learner you are. I memorize things quickly, so I was the notecard master. Or I’d rewrite things until I remembered them. And I’m very anal retentive about exam taking. I’d go over every question two or three times, just in case I mis-marked an answer or didn’t understand it the first time through. I was almost always the last one finished, but it made me feel better afterwards to know I’d been so thorough. Although, most people say to go with your gut instinct when answering questions. The problem is, my gut could logically argue my way into either answer being correct, so I had to be more meticulous about how I answered questions.


      2. I wish I had more time to write things out. 😦 Mm I wish I had the will to review my answers on each exam. You probably did very well then. Ahh I do that too, but it’s more like I’m second guessing myself. Thanks for the tips.


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