Leaving Money In Books

In theory, leaving money in books isn’t such a bad idea. (What kind of thief is going to wipe your shelves clean?)

Unless your younger cousin comes over, wants to read, and finds money in a book you own.

This happened to me today. I’m not denying it.

In fact I was the one who recommended the book to him. That was before I knew I left ten dollars in there.

Now I’m ten dollars poorer.

And this is why I don’t donate or give my babies away.


24 thoughts on “Leaving Money In Books

      1. I’ll borrow the one with the twenty in it, but don’t take it out first, I’ll need it to keep my place. 🙂

      2. Ah hem… if you say so, personally, I prefer the best, of the best. So if ever your best are not good enough I’ll send one of mine over just to make sure you have all the protection you need. 🙂

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