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High School Graduation + Tumblr Blog Unveiled

A quick disclaimer before I proceed. I apologize for not replying that quickly today. It’s been a busy day. Also try to forgive the horrendous writing that follows.

My high school graduation finished not too long ago. This justifies the late replying and bad writing, right?

I survived four years of high school. And I lived to tell the tale. I’m done. Finally.

Off to university in September.

Even more crazy than graduating is the fact that my new Tumblr blog, aspiringreader22, is up and running.

Yes, it only has one post. And I may continue to make changes until I’m truly satisfied with how the blog looks, but feel free to follow my baby. Watch it grow into something beautiful.

Let me take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all readers and non-readers alike. Check it out even if you don’t have a Tumblr account for reader problems. Of course, feel free to ask me anything.

Don’t be shy. I don’t bite. Or do I? Actually, I used to bite my cousin. Long story. Let me save that for another time.

While we’re still on the topic of Tumblr and blogs, follow my main one at aspiringwriter22 if you haven’t already. It’s been nearly a year of my posting writer problems. I’ve sort of started using blogging milestones as a way to keep track of time. Tell me I’m not the only person who does this.

Thanks once again for the incredible support.

18 thoughts on “High School Graduation + Tumblr Blog Unveiled

  1. Congratulations on surviving High School… Knew you could do it! 😀
    All the best for your Uni start… decide on you Major yet?

    Thanks for the warm welcome to Tumblr. I took a tumble myself, so you’ll find me there under Kev took a tumble. 😀


      1. What! ??? …I must be on that list somewhere… did you start from the top? That’s where people usually find me. 🙂


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