Camp NaNoWriMo 2015

Where did June go? This time next month, I’ll be asking the same about July. I can guarantee you that much.

Today or whenever you happen to be reading this is a good time to sit down and write. As long as you do, you’ll have more words to your name than what you started with.

Whether or not you’re taking part in this year’s Camp, I wish you good luck. Remember I’m sending positive vibes your way.

I hope to see all of you on July 31st with some words written somewhere. Don’t disappoint although I know you won’t.

Happy writing. Please don’t neglect your blogs (too much). I plan on reading your posts when I’m not writing.

4 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo 2015

  1. Good luck to you as well! I’m excited Camp started today, but I didn’t realize the date so I agreed to babysit… and I’m going to movies tonight… oops. I got up extra early this morning to get my writing done, lol.


    1. Oh perhaps you could think about your characters while you’re babysitting? For the most part, writers are great multitaskers. I wish I had the willpower to get up early these days. 😛


      1. Oh, I’ve been thinking about them. I get up early because I love to. But you’re on summer break now. You should sleep in! 😉


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