All I Need To Know About Someone + Chance to Win $1,000

All I really need to know about someone is whether they read or not.

I’m thinking that’s what I’ll ask anyone I meet in university.

The conversation might go a little like this.

“Do you read?”


Herminia walks away.


My article Leaving the Nest: Seven Ways to Help Deal with Homesickness + Chance to Win $1,000* is finally up. It’s a long title, but the chance to win one grand makes up for it. Am I right or am I right? The contest is open to residents in Canada who are 16 and older. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. If you know anyone going into university or pursuing some sort of post-secondary studies already, feel free to pass this onto them. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it and if they end up being the lucky winner, I’ll think they’ll love you forever. No promises though.


14 thoughts on “All I Need To Know About Someone + Chance to Win $1,000

  1. Random (aka Ravyn Whyt) says:

    *laughs* that is much how it works for me! Or ya meet this person, you think you might even really like them, and then… something like this happens… “no I don’t read” it is like… they think something is wrong with you, of course we both know that there is something wrong with them! hehehe

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