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If You Could Only…

If you could only write books in one genre, which category would you select?

Contemporary. Does that count as a genre? If not, then YA. And if you don’t consider either one to be a genre, too bad.

If you could only purchase one non-essential item (and multiples of it), what would you buy?

Books are essential. I don’t have nearly enough, said every book lover ever.

If you could only read books specific to one genre, which one would you pick?

Mystery. I love them even though sometimes I can’t stand not knowing whodunit though I’m becoming much better at guessing the culprit earlier on rather than be blindsided during the big reveal. Mystery done right is great. Mystery done not so right isn’t so great. It’s a healthy relationship regardless, I promise.

If you could only spend your entire day in one place, where would it be?

A bookstore. I’d eat, sleep, work, read, write, and blog there. What could be better?

If you could only blog about one topic, which one would you choose?

Writing. I can’t help but link everything back to writing.

Just a few questions I created and my answers to go along with them. As always you are welcome to use them however you like.

16 thoughts on “If You Could Only…

  1. Great post!! I’d choose YA, too–paranormal. Lol, books–definite yes! I would only read romance (though I’d miss literary fiction). If I could spend the entire day in one place, it would now be the couch. It used to be the bookstore, but I get too distracted when it comes to writing there. If I could only blog about one topic, it would be about the great books I’ve read and would love to share. 🙂


  2. Our answers are SO close to being exactly the same! The only thing I’d change is genre (both for reading and writing): middle grade (preferably fantasy). I love middle grade because it’s still so innocent even though it tackles large and complicated and dark issues. Yet it retains its sense of naiveté that adults lose.
    But all your other answers are exactly what I would say.


      1. Mistakes… MISTAKES!!! ??? What on earth are you talking about… I don’t even recognise the word, not part of my vocabulary (which I why I had to type it out instead of saying it) There must be some confusion on your part. 🙂


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