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Why I’m Loving Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015

Because there is no school and no stress.

July is a good month to do a whack-load of stuff. For me it’s the most relaxing month of them all.

I realize that sentiment doesn’t apply to everybody.

Still, ten months of school for fourteen years is the worst. At least once university starts, I’ll have eight months of school and four months of summer.

July is my most stress-free month. What’s yours?

As if I need to say it, but I’d rather write 50,000 words every month each year than go to school at all. Can someone grant me that wish?

22 thoughts on “Why I’m Loving Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015

  1. For the first time ever I am just DYING through camp! *laughs* of course, for the first time ever my life decided to get busy. Not to mention… I am writing that dreaded end, so even cleaning the bathroom seems to win out over writing these days!
    I have so say… I love the fall the most, September or October. Winter though is great for writing, but I am not in school these days, so that works well.


  2. July is the easiest month for me, too. And August. I don’t have work or school. Plus the weather is nice so I can sit outside and read, write, swim in the pool, whatever. July is definitely the ideal month for NaNo!


      1. Right, there’s school and/or work plus the holidays. April is okay, but I still have work during that month. So it’s still a bit tough.


      2. Ah… the birthday month. June is the month for my family. I have so many birthdays plus Father’s Day plus end of the school/church year. It kills my wallet, lol.
        Your birthday is coming up soon (ish) isn’t? August 22? If I remember correctly from last year… lol.

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  3. I vote for July so far! Lots of people on vacation means less noise and traffic outside–more pleasant walks in the evening which means better ready to write the next day. If only I could control the heat and humidity….


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