Waiting Until The End

For the most part, I don’t tell people about my projects until they’re complete.

I’m worried about not finishing or finishing with less than satisfactory results.

So if I do finish and I happen to attain results I’m proud of, I can’t wait to tell somebody. Especially if I’ve been waiting a long time for the right moment.

Until then, I wait until the end.

It was easier to hold off telling people anything prior to starting this blog. These days I have the greatest urges to sit down and tell you everything.

7 thoughts on “Waiting Until The End

  1. I have to tell someone what I’m doing while writing. If someone else knows about it, they can encourage me when I get in slumps, or have low self-esteem, or help to push me to finish when I get angsty about completing my book/story. When you’re ready to share, I can’t wait to hear all about your writing prowess.


  2. I find that telling people about my projects gives me a sense of accountability – that now I have to finish it, because people are expecting me to!

    However, I really do not tell people details until they get more developed in my head. Usually I’ll celebrate my first draft with a Facebook post, and the first details won’t come out until I’m looking for betas. I do admit that it’s getting a bit annoying to get asked about the book a year after it was *supposed* to be finished though. Oh well. Like I said, keeps me accountable!


    1. Mmm sometimes the story itself keeps me accountable or I find something else to keep me on the right track. I think I get an indirect sense of accountability with blogging. I probably wouldn’t post as frequently if there weren’t people reading my stuff.
      Yeah my mindset is to work out the details before I reveal them. Aha, those people mean well. As long as you finish the project in this lifetime. 🙂


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