On Daily Word Count Goals

If you’re wondering, I don’t have a daily word count goal. Even during NaNoWriMo, I focus my attention on getting the story written. Some days I’m below the average number of words, other days I meet the target, and on better days I surpass it.

Others writers swear by meeting a set word count every day. I’m not sure I want one.

Sure, it might make me more productive. On the other hand, if the target was set too high, I’d drive myself insane trying to hit it.

For now at least, meeting a daily word count goal isn’t my top priority.

12 thoughts on “On Daily Word Count Goals

  1. It’s not quantity, it’s quality. I used to have a 2k word count goal, but now I time myself. As long as I write for one to two hours everyday, I’m good no matter how many words that comes out to be.


  2. The only word count goals I use are for my free writing each day–usually more stream of consciousness about a topic I want to explore. It usually takes at least 500 words (usually more) to get deep enough to have a little meat on the bones when I’m finished. The next step is to get rid of all the fat and hype and pare it down as much as possible. But that’s how I operate.

    You seem to have a different way of getting from ideas to posts. And it works! Of course, most aren’t stories. But I’ve read some great 50 words or less stories! I think you could do that, too!


    1. I guess I like being concise and not rambling on just to meet a word count. But that’s just me. Though sometimes I do have to go back and delete anything redundant. Then again everyone is different so we all have our own ways of doing things.
      Hmm I really should post more of my stories on this blog. Yeah, I’ll give those shorter stories and flash fiction in general a shot.

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