I Don’t Know Why I Didn’t Do This Before

I want to devote a post on to-do lists. Why? Because…

A. They are awesome.

B. They are fun to make.

C. They are life savers.

I’ve started making monthly to-do lists. Each bullet point has a task. Beside it, I write in an estimated date of when I hope to finish said task. Say for example:

  • Finish writing portfolio (Sept 15)

That’s actually on my September to-do list. And I use the verb finish because I already started working on the portfolio. Go me.

This eliminates the need to create weekly ones simply because I add all the projects I want to finish by the end of the month on it, so another list would be redundant. Although some people swear by making a new list each week. Hey, whatever works for you.

I’ve yet to try out daily to-do’s because I’m not really that busy or productive, contrary to what my mind believes. If I did, I like the idea of adding a specific time (like 1:00 p.m.) beside the task to give myself a deadline within a deadline.

At the very least, I feel like I get more done. And who doesn’t like making lists?

10 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Why I Didn’t Do This Before

  1. I love lists! I make daily to-do lists, though. If I gave myself a monthly deadline then I would end up rushing to get all my writing done in one day, last minute. This breaks it up for me. So I always follow it? No, but it works most of the time.
    I hope your monthly to-dos work out for you!


    1. Ah always the keen overachiever, aren’t you? I like taking my time with writing, though I may make some daily to-do lists every now and then.
      So far they are. I suppose they’ll get longer once school starts up.


  2. Lists are awesome, and they will be super helpful to you in college. When I got all my syllabi on the first couple days of school, I’d a calendar and map out all major exam dates, due dates, and finals on that calendar. Then I would block out all the homework assignments (like if I knew PChem had a problem set due every Thursday), I blocked out a proper amount of study time for all my tests, I blocked out writing time for my papers, etc. It really helped me keep the workload manageable.


    1. I love that idea. Writing things down always helps me remember deadlines and dates so I don’t forget anything important. And blocking out certain hours during the day will ensure I’ll have enough time to study or work on an assignment.


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