8 Things Readers Can Agree With

  1. Books over boys. Who wants to go out with a boy when they can go out with a book?
  2. It takes a reader to understand another reader. Experience doesn’t lie.
  3. Clothes and chocolate will never beat books and other bookish items. Can anyone explain why people continue to gift clothes that don’t fit or chocolate no one ever eats?
  4. A book lover often befriends other book lovers. Although most book lovers are fantastic at pretending to like non-book lovers because readers are beyond kind.
  5. The book is better than the movie. Movies have one purpose. To disappoint.
  6. Owners can treat their books however they like. Bend the spine, dog-ear a page, lend it to another reader.
  7. It doesn’t matter what anyone reads or how much they read. The world would be better off without judgemental assumptions and conclusions.
  8. I automatically like you more if you want to talk about books. I don’t have many friends on Goodreads because most of the people I know aren’t keen readers. It’s tragic, but I have no time to convert anyone into being a reader.

4 thoughts on “8 Things Readers Can Agree With

  1. I definitely agree with number 5 – I’d rather read the book first, then watch the movie, because when you read a book you get to create your own mental images- when you watch a movie you’re seeing someone else’s interpretation of how a story should look on film.


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