Hoarding Textbooks

Even though I haven’t purchased my textbooks for school just yet, I’ll hang on to them for as long as I live.

Asking me to share or sell my books is like asking me to give up a limb.

I already started the collection by buying a text I don’t need for any of my classes.


Why not?

10 thoughts on “Hoarding Textbooks

  1. And here is where you and I become opposites, lol.
    I’ve kept a few of my English books, though. I think I may actually go back to them for reference sometime.


  2. I still have most of my textbooks simply because no one has bought them yet 😛 I’m keeping all my English Lit. ones and a couple others that I thought were interesting or I know I’ll use in future, but the rest are getting sold. However, since no one’s bought them yet I might just end up keeping them anyway 😛


  3. I still have far, FAR, too many books left from college and grad school that I haven’t cracked open in years. Why? One, they were stinking expensive and I hate getting rid of something that cost so much money. And two, I always think I’ll use them again in the future. Though I rarely have. Le sigh.


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