3 Benefits Of Journaling

I’ve been journaling for a while now, so I thought I’d share some benefits the only way I know how.

  • You realize how ridiculous some of your worries are.
  • You realize how ridiculous it was to worry about those worries.
  • You realize how ridiculous you were to spend so much of your time worrying about said worries.

There are plenty other benefits behind journaling or writing or whatever else you call it. In the interest of time (read: I’m lazy), I won’t include them here.

6 thoughts on “3 Benefits Of Journaling

  1. I started a journal a few years ago to help me through my anxiety and high school. I still write in it once in a while, but now it’s turned into a journal of memories that I never want to forget. It’s funny looking back at the older entries and then looking at the newer ones at how much I’ve changed over the years.


    1. It’s definitely helped decrease my anxiety and stress. Mhm our memory doesn’t remember everything so it’ll be nice to look back in a few years time. I might be reminded of events or people I’ve forgotten. 😉


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