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Why Halloween Isn’t A Big Deal To Me

Happy Halloween

Even as a kid, October 31st for me wasn’t that different from any other day of the year.

I always wanted books, not candies.

I’m a reader.

I get to pretend to be whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

I’m a writer.

I don’t want to buy more costumes because my wardrobe is full of them.

I’m a dancer.

But there is something I always make a big deal of…


Happy writing and crying.

4 thoughts on “Why Halloween Isn’t A Big Deal To Me

  1. I don’t think of All Hallows Eve as a time for costumes and candy; it’s the turning of the Celtic New Year for me, the change from light to dark. In the darkest time of the year, I purge my negative energy and celebrate my success over the past year. After the winter solstice, the days become longer once again, and it’s a time to build towards new goals I want to achieve, and focus on the positive. It’s a transition time, a time to rest and restore before moving forward. 🙂


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