Personal Reflection

Remembrance Day/Veterans’ Day

I haven’t forgotten about the significance of today.

Each time November 11th rolls around, I always think about how lucky and grateful I am.

But I remember writing an unpublished article a while back titled “In December, Do We Still Remember?”

To summarize it, I reflected on how most people tend to remember the heroes who fought for them only once a year. We should remember all the time. We certainly shouldn’t just be reminded to when we see a red poppy pinned to someone’s jacket.

So “this year and subsequent years afterwards, strive to keep the memory alive year-round.”


2 thoughts on “Remembrance Day/Veterans’ Day

  1. We should remember them each and every day. I remember them more often now because my friend’s husband is a Marine right now and her father was a Marine as well. I didn’t know that about her father until I was helping them plan his funeral.


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