8 Writer’s Pet Peeves

I have more than eight, but for the sake of time—yours and mine—I’ll just mention a few.

I may sound peeved when discussing my pet peeves, but I’m a pleasant person to be around after I’ve written. I promise.

  1. Phone calls when I’m writing. That’s Satan’s work right there.
  2. Waiting on people. If we agreed to meet at 10:30, don’t show up at 10:55. I could’ve written hundreds of words in that time.
  3. Not writing. More like not being able to write. There’s a reason I haven’t learned to drive yet.
  4. Pen marks on everything. I’m sorry, mom.
  5. Smudges. Possibly the bane of my existence.
  6. Inconsistencies. The world is better off without them.
  7. Bad pens. I’m picky. What more can I say? Using the wrong pen is dreadful.
  8. Non-writers. More like people who hate writing and love announcing their hatred to the world.

Tell me your biggest pet peeve so we can complain together.

14 thoughts on “8 Writer’s Pet Peeves

  1. Getting behind on a project because I don’t “feel like” writing. It’s so frustrating that writing requires me to shift my mood to match the tone of the story.


      1. Agreed…my story has dark elements in it…but it goes either way with me. If I’m happy and have to write a sad scene…or if I’m sad and have to write a happy scene. Or if I’m being moody about my life and have to spend time on creating fiction (when all I want to do is deal with my real life). *sighs* #WriterProblems


      2. Thank you….I should probably get a new journal. I’ve been writing in diaries a lot this year…and my fiction has improved as a result. I’m getting better at writing from my heart. Although my brain feels like a fried egg due to skipping 2 days of nano (emotions got in the way). I’m working towards fixing my word count now. I was going to do a ranting blog post…but that would just demotivate me. Lol. I hope you are doing well with your novel.

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      3. Yeah, getting a new journal is so exciting. Great. I’ve been doing the same. I’m so happy to hear you’re improving. To me that’s what writing is all about. Aw don’t worry, you have time to catch up. Aha, I wrote more than I normally do so that’s a good sign. All the best with your novel!

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  2. I’d say interruptions when I’m in the middle of writing something. Not the phone ringing; I just ignore it. There are other interruptions (usually people, but sometimes my cat!) for which I must do one of either things: (1) Pretend I didn’t notice I was being interrupted (just keep on writing and say nothing), or (2) stop and be anxious about losing my train of thought. I’ve coped by using both methods. It always depends on how intent I am on getting something down on paper before I do anything else.


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