Did You Write Today?

Just because NaNoWriMo is over doesn’t mean you should stop writing completely. I may have been slightly guilty of this in the past.

So this is a friendly reminder to close any open tabs, put your phone away, and start writing. Words don’t write themselves. Besides it’s not like you can have someone write your story for you.

Also, happy December! May it be a fun and productive month. May December be whatever you want it to be.

I hope you always make time to write, especially during the holidays.

25 thoughts on “Did You Write Today?

  1. I’ve been delayed because I’m still waiting for beta responses *sighhhhh* But I’ve been reoutlining this week. Hope to get back into writing next week, assuming I get everyone’s feedback in!


  2. Yes, I did! And today, too. Who knows what will become of it all? No matter. Just doing it (writing something each day–intelligible or just dumping) always feels great!


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