Late Night Writing Advice

It isn’t that late right now.

And this isn’t exactly writing advice so much as it is life advice.

But just go with it. Appease me, please.

Don’t take criticism to heart but take it to your mind. Filter the useful from the useless. Analyze the feedback. Tame your large ego if you have one like me so you can improve without feeling like the world is conspiring against you.

Focus on the process, the journey rather than obsess over the final product or result. Do that and you’ll drown in happiness. Contentment.

You’re going to write a lot of bad stuff before you can write something good. I stare at a sticky note that says “failure is preparation for success” every day.

I hope I’m still making sense.

18 thoughts on “Late Night Writing Advice

  1. I think it’s beautiful advice. “Don’t take criticism to heart, but take it to your mind.” That’s an eloquent and pointed way of spelling out what you mean. And it’s a good lesson to learn.


      1. Yep. But I now have a writing buddy who is nice, but definitely honest in her opinions and I’ve learned not to take it quite so hard. But if I ever get published, I know I’ll be crushed by my first cutting review.


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