All I Want

Now more than ever I want books for my birthday.

And Christmas.

Actually, it’s more like every day of every year.

Books are all I want, but I never seem to get books as presents.

Why must the world be so cruel and deny me of the only thing I need in life?

8 thoughts on “All I Want

  1. It’s such a cruel world! I feel your pain. I also feel the pain of having accumulated Way Too Many books over the years. And I still want, need and love to get them! It ‘s like getting a piece of another world I can explore.


  2. I think it’s hard to ask for “books” in general from people, because they have no idea what you like, what you’ve already read, what you already own, etc. I usually give people my Amazon wish list though, which is full of books I’m actually yearning for 😀 It’s worked the past three years to get me some books for Christmas!


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