What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

  • “You suck.”
  • “Just write.”
  • “Finish it.”

The takeaway here is:

Your writing sucks, but continue to write regardless, and finish what you start.

Wasn’t that encouraging?

20 thoughts on “What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

  1. I had an artist friend once who refused to accept any negative critiques. Her art hasn’t really changed in three years. Now…I had a professor tell me once, “Yeah. This is BAD.” I was angry and upset, but like… I wrote and rewrote that piece a THOUSAND times until he said, “Yep. This is solid.” Best. Day. Ever. Negative critiques make you so much better.


      1. I’d much rather have someone tear apart my work. Positive comments are nice, but they’re not always helpful. (Even if it is nice to know what I’m doing right.)


      2. It helps if you ask the person you’re critiquing what they’re looking for. I usually have a set of like…5 questions for people to consider when looking over a chapter of mine.


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