Personal Reflection

What Won’t Kill You

Did you miss me? No? It’s okay. I didn’t expect you to.

If you noticed that I didn’t post anything on any social media site yesterday, kudos to you. Such an observant individual. You’re one step closer to being a writer. Or a better one.

I took a break from posting and from going on the computer in general. It was a much needed break for me to recharge.

I failed at managing my time on Saturday so I decided to take a day off WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.

But no worries I’m back. I’m better. I’ll be blogging and being a bother.

Nothing’s wrong. Everything’s fine. In case you thought the worst, in which case you’re probably a writer.

I feel like a brand new person right now. It’s amazing.

Breaks are beneficial. Repeat after me. Breaks are beneficial.

Take one. A day off won’t kill you.

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