Exam Writing Advice I Should Follow

I’m curating my own advice in the form of a blog post with hopes that I will follow it.

If I fail, it’s not the end of this blog. Don’t worry. And you know this blog is my world.

Ready, set, go.

  • Listen to instructions. Read everything carefully. Follow them to a tee.
  • Be aware of the time you have and manage it accordingly. Don’t spend an entire hour working on one problem worth 2 points.
  • If the exam explicitly tells you how much each question is worth, use that knowledge to determine how much you need to write or how long you should spend on said question. (Bless the creator of the exam.)
  • Answer what is asked of you. No more, no less. You don’t have time for redundancy. Or inadequacy.
  • Check over your work. Careless mistakes happen. Careless mistakes can and should be caught.

I’ll need all the luck I can get.

It shouldn’t surprise you that instead of studying, I’m writing about exam writing.


9 thoughts on “Exam Writing Advice I Should Follow

  1. WanderLost says:

    As a teaching assistant at my college, I can also add:
    -Use all of your time. If you have ten extra minutes, don’t just leave. Look over all your exam questions for any mistakes. Or go back and add what you wanted to.

    I have a lot of students who will rush through a test and then wonder why they got a C on it. It’s possible to finish a test quickly, but better safe than sorry!

    • aspiringwriter22 says:

      I completely agree. Some people left before the first hour was up. We had two hours for the exam. I didn’t make the mistake of not looking it over. I know I’ll be glad I used the time given rather than rush through. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Elouise says:

    I couldn’t agree more. And I’m certain that by writing about it you were better prepared to write your 2-hour exam. I liked the comment above from WanderLost about using ALL the time you’re given. There are No Points earned for leaving early! And who knows what else you might think of that would strengthen the point you’re wanting to make or summarize, etc.
    I hope that was the last hurdle before the holidays!

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