WordPress Really Needs…

A chat feature.

If Tumblr can do it, you can too WordPress.

I would love to interact with other bloggers one on one. 

Even though I love commenting on posts, I stress over it. I take forever to respond because I have to write, then rewrite, and then edit all my comments. 

I’m weird like that. 

10 thoughts on “WordPress Really Needs…

  1. I do the same and still make typos so I gave up. I call myself the Typo Queen if I am messaging you, tweeting you or just generally typing anything directly from my cell it will have a typo.

    I like your idea. I interact with people from Wattpad on Twitter alot. It’s an easy way to communicate in general with a group. At least that’s what I’ve noticed.

    I would like a private message feature that doesn’t envolve my email. I have so many emails everyday!


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