To Edit Or Not To Edit?

Should we, as bloggers, edit our older posts?

Or should we preserve what we wrote in the past? That way we are able to reflect on who we were back then?

I’m not huge on editing former posts I’ve written and published for a few reasons:

  1. I like going through my archives. I can track how I wrote then and how I write now. It’s a way for me to gauge how much my writing has improved (or hasn’t improved). I can see how much I’ve grown in two weeks, two months, etc.
  2. I don’t have time to rewrite previous posts. Sure, it’s nice to revisit them. But rewriting an entire post or twenty isn’t exactly what I signed up for.
  3. I learn from previous mistakes and lapses of judgement. In life, I can’t rewrite the past. I can’t erase everything and start over again. With blogging, you can. But I don’t want to. Because if I can delete what I don’t like, I’ll probably hurt myself more than help me out.

6 thoughts on “To Edit Or Not To Edit?

  1. This is actually something I would like to start doing. I think I had a lot of good ideas back when I started my blog (2012, wow!). But the writing wasn’t that great, I didn’t know anything about being a blogger, and I didn’t have a big following at all.
    It’s fun to look back at them and see how you’ve improved, but I wonder how I can make those posts better.


    1. Maybe you could revamp those posts then. Take the idea and using what you know now, make it great. This could be a feature in and of itself. Rewriting old posts.
      I’m a little scared to look back. I wrote some cringe-worthy stuff back then.


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