This Is Your Year—Happy Chinese New Year

This is your year. It’s going to be your year.

If you’ve felt like you haven’t been following your new year resolutions or if you’ve given up on them, consider this another chance to start over.

Start new, start again, start fresh.

Start that book. Start that novel. Start that blog.

I hope you churn out words and conquer new worlds.

Keep doing you. Keep being great.

And continue to create.

Never stop reading, writing, and blogging. You aren’t reading, writing, or blogging? Start.

I can’t get enough of wishing you all the best, all the time.

Happy Chinese New Year. (Even if you don’t celebrate. Even if you aren’t Chinese. Even if you couldn’t care less.)

Make it awesome.

May you bask in happiness and prosperity!


6 thoughts on “This Is Your Year—Happy Chinese New Year

  1. Rachel says:

    Very inspirational!
    (Also, I can’t believe I skipped four of your posts! I knew I haven’t read and commented on blogs lately, but I missed four days?? Oops!)

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