Talking About Themes

I changed the theme of my blog earlier this year.

In my opinion changing themes and tinkering with the appearance of my blog accomplishes a few things.

It creates change.

I’m not always the biggest fan of change. But there are good changes and bad ones. It’s great to also be in control of the change.

I have fun.

I enjoy playing with different themes and customizing it accordingly afterwards. I could spend forever doing this.

Procrastination happens.

Do I need to say more? Theme tinkering is my new fav way to put off doing schoolwork.

The new eliminates the old.

I’ve had my other theme for a while. I can’t say I was sick of it because I wasn’t. But it felt familiar, comfortable. And when I feel safe, I tend to play it safe. So I’m hoping this new look pushes me to create better content. At the very least, I hope to take more risks this year.

Maybe it’s time for you to change your blog theme. Or maybe you changed it recently.

7 thoughts on “Talking About Themes

  1. Very clean, straightforward look with a bit of delicate pizzazz. Definitely You. Though I’ll admit a laughed out loud when I saw it’s The Delicacy Theme! I don’t think you’re a delicate writer. Nonetheless, you do have delicate pizzazz–whatever that is!

    I’m so grateful to have the theme I have up and running that I can’t even imagine the headache of changing it! I am Not a techy.


    1. I think so too. I really love it. This theme is so me, especially the colours.
      Ahaha you’re right about that. I don’t even consider myself a delicate person. I break everything. 😛 Thank you for those kind words.
      Aw your theme works well. No need to change what isn’t broken. 😉

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