Valentine’s Day Gifts For Writers

Forgo the roses if your lover is a writer.

There are a million better things to give.

I’ve never been in a romantic relationship. But we don’t talk about that.

I like to think one day, when I can actually afford a cardboard box, I’ll be a good gift giver.

I have nothing against flowers. My aunt is a florist, which means discounted flowers for me whenever I want. But I rather get a billion other things instead.

Hello, haven’t you heard of…

Pens. Fountain pens. Gel pens. Ballpoint pens. Felt-tip pens. Disposable pens. Refillable pens. Rollerball pens. Quill pens.

Pencils. Wooden pencils. Mechanical pencils. Watercolour pencils. Pastel pencils.

Crayons. Pencil crayons. Wax crayons.

Rulers. Wooden rulers. Plastic rulers. Metal rulers. Stainless steel rulers. Flexible rulers. Non-flexible rulers.

Highlighters. Fluorescent highlighters.

Markers. Permanent markers. Non-permanent markers.

Books. Fiction books. Non-fiction books. Long books. Short books. Hardcover books. Softcover books.

Notebooks. Spiral notebooks. Binded notebooks. Leather notebooks.

I could go on. But I’m stopping it here to give you a chance to prove yourself. Or redeem yourself.


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