The Real Reason Why I Write

Why do I write?

Are you ready to hear my reason?

I hope you’re sitting down.

You’re about to be blown away.

I write because I hate the sound of my voice. So I avoid speaking as much as possible. But because I’m insanely opinionated and completely cynical, I refuse to stay silent.

Writing is my way of speaking. I can express my ideas without being interrupted, which is important because I am always interrupted. By everyone.

If I let myself go on, this post will get too long. And instead of giving one reason, I’ll give too many.

Now you know the real reason why I write.

What’s your reason?


12 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why I Write

  1. phantomwriter143 says:

    I do it because I have so many ideas bursting in my head that I think would make great stories, I just can’t help writing them down. But also, I’m a very poor talker. I’m much more eloquent and well-spoken in the written form, so it’s a way for me to communicate without sounding like a complete idiot. 🙂

    • aspiringwriter22 says:

      Ahahaha I know what you mean. I find that it’s easier to be more eloquent with writing. But I doubt you ever sound like a complete idiot. If anything everyone else sounds like an idiot and you’re the most eloquent of them all.

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