Brief Blogger

After blogging for more than two years, you’d think I would know a lot about myself.

But kid you not I’m still learning more each and every day.

This is what I’ve realized: my posts and my comments tend to be short. Brief. Concise. Whatever word you fancy. 

I’ve come to appreciate that. Embrace it even. 

I don’t mean to come off as rude or terse. I just don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I make an effort to edit my posts so that nothing unnecessary gets published. Or at least the unnecessary gets pushed to the end of the post. I usually won’t write very long comments either. Not because I could care less but because I value your time. 

If I can say what I want in one word, I’ll use one word. If a sentence is enough, I try to avoid rambling for ten.

Although maybe if I had more time, I’d write longer posts. 

I refuse to chalk it up to laziness because I am not lazy! 

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