Interrupting Me While I’m Reading

If you’re going to be that guy or girl, at least keep the following in mind:

I will finish the sentence I’m reading.

Even if I just started a new sentence and it’s fifty three words long.

I will look at you like you owe me an explanation.

You obviously owe me an explanation for interrupting me when I’m reading. It better be good.

I will not smile or laugh during the encounter.

There’s no reason for me to.

I will think of the fastest way I can end the conversation, so I can return to my book.

Expect short, terse replies. You were rude first.

I will silently curse you for as long as the interaction lasts.

Sorry not sorry.


11 thoughts on “Interrupting Me While I’m Reading

  1. R. K. Brainerd says:

    Ohmygosh this happened to me yesterday — repeatedly! It was NUTS… I can’t imagine interrupting someone that many times for silly, trivial things. Maybe once if it’s important. Like dinner or the house on fire.

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