Why You Should Buy Books

Why spend your hard earned cash on the commodity known as books?

Because you should buy experiences. Not products. Not objects. Not things.

So never feel guilty for buying a book. You’re buying an experience. An experience you’ll never get anywhere else.

Life boils down to experiences. Yours. Not someone else’s.

It’s simple, really.

Buy experiences. Write experiences. Experience experiences.

8 thoughts on “Why You Should Buy Books

  1. I never regret buying books. Other things, sure, but not books. They’re too important and amazing. I think I spend more money on books than anything else during the year except bills.


  2. Good point.
    Orwell wrote an entire essay based around that very idea in books vs Cigarettes, essentially breaking it down, until it was clear that compared to smoking books are cheap.
    In UK one book= about £7.99 Two pints of beer= £8.00 One pack of cigarettes= £7+
    I know what I’d choose.


  3. The only downside is buying so many that you have to start giving them away because you’ve run out of shelf space! Boo hiss! (Our interior decorating design is simple: bookshelves first, then if there’s room for anything else….)


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